Posted: February 28, 2014 by I-Press in Uncategorized


Hot stuff coming through!! Hot stuff coming through!!!

Presenting to you, our…

Newsletter Issue #1


Not too excited??!! (kbai. T.T) Anyway, this is I-Press very first newsletter for this tenure. Perhaps the hard copy of the newsletter has been circulated in every lecture halls. And also perhaps that this copy has never reach your hands. Too bad isn’t it? Not to worry my dear friends. We provide your the soft copy of it, of which you can read anywhere and at any time.

This newsletter serves you the hottest and latest story on events in the Kulliyyah. You could miss the moments or could not have the chance the experience it, but you could never miss this very moment of reading about stories. Or at least you can have chance to see all the photos there.

Anyway, do read the newsletter and be part of the people-who-know-the-story in the Kulliyyah. Enjoy!!


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