Multimedia Workshop 2014

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Last Saturday, Publication & Information of IPhA had organized a multimedia workshop at Kulliyyah of Allied Health Sciences. It aims to share the knowledge of photo editing, which seems to be quite hard to certain people. From this, everyone can edit photos, as they wish.

Producing amazing photos isn’t that hard as it was claimed to. Little bit of editing, merging here and there. And then, TADAAA~~ You can now edit almost any photos.


DSC_9004 edited


DSC_0155 edited






anger2-Recovered editedddd

anger2-Recovered editeddd

anger2 handwork

During the workshop, we were using Photoshop CS6 and taught about the world of Photoshop. Frankly speaking, it’s quite complicated. Well, nothing is easy in this world. Once you know the technique, you can know what many photo editors have been doing.


“Ya Allah, tenangkanlah perut aku ni untuk mengharungi workshop ni.. Amiin” doa Adib
“Amiiiin.. (tanda setuju)” monolog sister sebelahnya


“Cane nak buat ni..? Susahnya..” bisik sister2 ni


“Gini buatnya. Mula2, kene belajar apa itu Adobe..”


Pastu baru design2.. Senang je ni..


“Weyh Acap, cane nak buat ni.? Aku tak reti sangat dowh. Ni tahap moksya punya terer ni..” kata Adib (baju purple)
“Ko tanya aku, memang silap la..haha” balas Acap
“Takde orang nak tanya aku ke.. Aku pakar kowt.” bisik Hasib (tengah)


“Apalah benda yang mamat ni buat. Susahnya la..” monolog Azlan (pakai spek)
“Aku rasa karya aku ni dah cukup master dah ni. Boleh la aku bukak kelas pasni..” fikir Amirul sambil menghadap laptop


“Peace!! ” kata Pira
“Oi2!! Fokus2…” kata sister2 yang lain


“Bertuah rasa dapat bergambar dengan Zain Malek ni..” bisik speaker..
“Betul3. Saya tau abang rasa bertuah.. hehe” bangga Zain Malek @ Acap

Back to the program. It started at around 8.30 a.m and ceased at 12.30 pm. The invited speaker was a post-graduate student from our beloved KOP. And he’s been doing the photoshop-ing thingy since his college years.

Many tricks and techniques we have been exposed to. Interesting. Really.

I hope this kind of programs would be participated by many others, just like you. Perhaps, there would be a workshop on video making that you could join. If there’s any la.. hehe.


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