HIV/AIDS Awareness Campaign

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On 29 April 2014 (Tuesday), Public Relations bureau of IIUM Pharmacy Student’s Society (IPhA) had organized a talk on AID and HIV. This talk was conducted by Dr. Zuriati Ramli, assistant director unit AIDS/STD Jabatan Kesihatan Negeri Pahang. The program had achieved the main objective, which was to give correct information about HIV and AIDS. Every participants were actively participated during question and answer session. Lots of questions about HIV and AIDS were thrown and precisely answered by the speaker.




Korang semua kene tau macam mana HIV ni merebak. Korang kan bakal pharmacist yang hebat.. =)



One of the questions was “can a person who has HIV get married?” Dr. Zuriati then further explained that, it is all depending on the couples in which if he or she persists to get married, nothing much can be done. In addition, based on the data, the AIDS decrease among male and majority people who had positive HIV was teenagers.


“Ko paham ke Maddu..? tanya Aiman “Syhh!! Buat2 baca je. Orang nak tangkap gambar tu..” balas Maddu




Besides, the public has yet to be exposed with the correct info. Nevertheless, we should know that HIV patients crave for our moral support in order to be motivated in leading their lives which extremely different from the normal people. HIV only can be transmitted by doing sexual intercourse, from pregnant mother to baby and through cut or sore. HIV cannot be transmitted by sharing towel, bed, swimming pool etc. In fact, this disease cannot be cured by any drug but only can be controlled by taking Antiretroviral.  This therapy might be helping them or might give side effect like dizziness and fatigue.




In all, this talk had provided many benefits to the attendees, through experience and knowledge.


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