Student Lounge: A New Look

Posted: May 2, 2014 by I-Press in Uncategorized


A collaboration project between Educational & Professionalisme bureau and Welfare bureau have brought us to a new look of our beloved student lounge. The idea of giving the area a refreshing breath was a brilliant one. So long do we have quite a ‘dull’ look of the lounge and greatest effort was made to materialize this project.


“Sementara tunggu cat datang, kita main batu seremban dulu la k..” ajak Shak (baju purple) “Boleh je…” setuju Ain


“Aku rasa kalau lukis potret aku kat wall ni ok jugak kan..” cadang Zul (baju hijau) “Biar betul budak ni..” monolog Muiz *deep breathing*



“Teruskan semangat Man. Sikit je lagi ko nak tampal tu..” kata Muiz “Ok2. Sebelum tu posing dulu..” balas Aiman


Payah betul nak mengecat ni.. Haish…





Dah nak siap da tu.. Kemas sikit2. Boleh blah awal.. hehe




One week of hard work was not in vain. Adding more colours seemed to be the best. With the IPhA logo painted on the wall, it gives us more pride as the students of the Kulliyyah.

Hopefully, with such effort, we could preserve the artwork and the beauty of the lounge. Let us help to maintain the student lounge as what it is now..

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