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Bismillah and Assalamualaikum…

Amid the sweat, blood and tears, the athletes of our beloved Kulliyah of Pharmacy have fought wholeheartedly through the National Pharmacy Sports Carnival 2015 which was held on the 28th January – 1st February of 2015 at USM, Pulau Pinang.

The event which was under the wings of MyPSA is held every year which was participated by Pharmacy schools around Malaysia. We come together for this glorious event and with good spirits of sportsmanship, to fight for the title while gaining new network of friends among future pharmacists.

Alas, a picture speaks a thousand words, don’t they?


Eh, anak sape plak ni?







Rx12 spotted…


Rx11 in the track yo!

DSC_0006-2 DSC_0009 DSC_0013 DSC_0016 DSC_0018 DSC_0019 DSC_0021 DSC_0022 DSC_0023 DSC_0027 DSC_0028 DSC_0033 DSC_0033-2 DSC_0034 DSC_0036 DSC_0038 DSC_0038-2 DSC_0043 DSC_0045 DSC_0048 DSC_0048-2 DSC_0053 DSC_0054 DSC_0055 DSC_0056 DSC_0057 DSC_0059 DSC_0063 DSC_0068 DSC_0071 DSC_0072 DSC_0074-2 DSC_0075 DSC_0080 DSC_0085 DSC_0086 DSC_0088 DSC_0092 DSC_0093 DSC_0101 DSC_0104 DSC_0105 DSC_0107 DSC_0109 DSC_0116 DSC_0124 DSC_0125 DSC_0128 DSC_0130 DSC_0132 DSC_0133 DSC_0134 DSC_0135 DSC_0145 DSC_0145-2 DSC_0146 DSC_0147 DSC_0150 DSC_0155 DSC_0161 DSC_0161-2 DSC_0162 DSC_0163 DSC_0169 DSC_0173 DSC_0178 DSC_0183 DSC_0184 DSC_0184-2 DSC_0190 DSC_0199 DSC_0199-2 DSC_0201 DSC_0203 DSC_0210 DSC_0211 DSC_0212 DSC_0213 DSC_0215 DSC_0217 DSC_0218 DSC_0221 DSC_0228 DSC_0240 DSC_0244 DSC_0247 DSC_0249 DSC_0250 DSC_0253 DSC_0254 DSC_0257 DSC_0259 DSC_0267 DSC_0268 DSC_0271 DSC_0275 DSC_0286 DSC_0298 DSC_0301 DSC_0308 DSC_0314 DSC_0323 DSC_0326 DSC_0333 DSC_0338-2 DSC_0342 DSC_0346 DSC_0348 DSC_0356 DSC_0365 DSC_0368 DSC_0377 DSC_0378 DSC_0386 DSC_0395 DSC_0397 DSC_0398 DSC_0400 DSC_0401 DSC_0402 DSC_0403 DSC_0406 DSC_0408 DSC_0415 DSC_0417 DSC_0418 DSC_0425 DSC_0428 DSC_0432 DSC_0437 DSC_0440 DSC_0442 DSC_0459 DSC_0474 DSC_0478 DSC_0509 DSC_0509-2 DSC_0517 DSC_0521 DSC_0529 DSC_0530 DSC_0537 DSC_0548 DSC_0556 DSC_0565 DSC_0573 DSC_0579 DSC_0602 DSC_0606 DSC_0609 DSC_0611 DSC_0616 DSC_0623 DSC_0627 DSC_0641 DSC_0646 IMG-20150130-WA0000 IMG-20150130-WA0001 IMG-20150130-WA0002 IMG-20150130-WA0003 IMG-20150130-WA0004 IMG-20150130-WA0005 IMG-20150130-WA0006 IMG-20150130-WA0007 IMG-20150130-WA0008 IMG-20150130-WA0009 IMG-20150130-WA0010 IMG-20150130-WA0011 IMG-20150130-WA0012 IMG-20150130-WA0013 IMG-20150130-WA0014 IMG-20150130-WA0015 IMG-20150131-WA0003 IMG-20150131-WA0006 IMG-20150131-WA0007 IMG-20150131-WA0009 IMG-20150131-WA0010 IMG-20150131-WA0011 IMG-20150131-WA0012 IMG-20150131-WA0015 IMG-20150131-WA0016 IMG-20150131-WA0018 IMG-20150201-WA0006 IMG-20150201-WA0007 IMG-20150201-WA0008 IMG-20150201-WA0011 IMG-20150201-WA0012 IMG-20150201-WA0013 IMG-20150201-WA0014

And the results are:

Medal couunt

Not bad huh? IIUM being in the 4th place. But it’s okay it’s alright, next year we’ll fight fight fight! 🙂