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Pharmily Day 2015

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11046642_10206108378011460_1377547788700396124_nPharmily Day 2015 came gracing in on the last day of February, reigning in much anticipation and excitement. Can Rx-13 pull off one of the biggest, annual events in KOP?

Located at IIUM’s Sport Complex, where it had been decorated marvellously, according to the theme that had been chosen which is ‘Back to School – Reminiscing Childhood Memories’, with the assembly site in the middle, the makeshift library and laboratory at the side and the canteen-like environment really brings out the old memories during the 11025792_10206108379251491_8002070261419971493_nschool days. It can be seen that there were some of the students of Rx-13 wearing school uniforms, posing as prefects and some as teachers and not to forget as ‘aunty canteen’. It was indeed interesting and funny to see at the event for we can only see those characters at school. The opening of the event was treated as if it was an assembly with the MC posing as a teacher and speeches were given by the ‘Principle’ a.k.a PM Ahmad Noor Fikri bin Zainol and our beloved Dean, Dr. Siti Hadijah binti Shamsudin who also officiated the event.10403396_10206108377731453_6777572540031763352_n

The important key of the event is of course the participants, which consists of the lecturers, staffs and students of KOP. They were the guests of honour, being entertained with games of many shapes and sizes. All of them were divided into houses; the Rhodonites (Pink), Amber (Yellow), Amethyst (Purple), Topaz (Blue), Ruby (Red) and Emerald (Green) and each of their participation of the games will gain them points. There were major games; precious candy, catch or wet, the poison ball, catch the ball, twin futsal, twin balloon race, tug of war and fashion makeover in which any students or lecturers or staffs can participate. But there was a lecture-only game named ‘Couple Power’ which was played by lecturers with their better half as their partner. They have to transfer marbles, using only spoons in their mouths and after they were finished, they must pose for the camera resembling a heart shape. This was really interesting as the students loved to tease their happy lecturers with the love of their life. Minor games were also present which can be accessed at the makeshift laboratory and library, such as dart, Chinese beans, ‘ceper’, ‘lastik tin’, layered balloon, bouncing ball, balloon blow and final destination. Whoever finishes these games can claim prizes! Not to forget also games for the little children who came with their parents, which are Squeeze Me! And Grab the Candy! Everyone had a blast with each one of them as a participant or even the cheerers.  11043044_10206108378251466_1539839419862080831_n


Datang KOP nak main game, tapi kena jadi Doraemon. Sabar je lah, dik.

During a break at 10 a.m., everyone heard the bell rung and they went to the makeshift canteen and claimed their ‘ais-krim Malaysia’ and milk from the ‘aunty canteen’. It was indeed like the old days at school. During closing, there was lucky draws and of course the price giving ceremony where the points accumulated by the houses determine their ranking. Alas, the results were with Rhodonite being the champions, next Amethyst, third Topaz, fourth fifth and sixth- Amber, Ruby, and Emerald. Nevertheless, everyone had emerged as a winner and everyone had their laughs and cheers. After, there was a surprise celebration of Dr. Che Anuar’s birthday, planned by his lovely wife, Dr. Rosazra and some Rx13 members resulted in an unexpected ‘fall’ of the cake. Though it was all a gimmick, everyone fell for it until the real cake came and Dr. Che Anuar had cut it accompanied by Dr. Rosazra along with a birthday song chanted happily by the students.


“Aku ni salah daftar sekolah ke?” kata brother tu sebab dia seorang je pelajar lelaki yang ada.


“kerana kupercayakanmu, sahabat.” Last2x, jadi superwoman Kak Aini kita ni. 🙂


Tali ni tak cukup panjang lah, dik. Abang tinggi sangat. -Bro Shahrir


Pandangan sinis Bro Farahi ke arah Hilmi Razali.


Ketika cinta bertasbih, nadiku berdenyut merdu… Dr Rosazra & Dr Che Anuar


Biasa saya baling, memang tepat kena. -Sis shazlina shakila


“Sebagai Presiden MyPSA, akan kukerahkan muscle ku”, kata Haziq


Kita pun nak jugak.


Tu diaa, Hang Boss a.k.a Shahrul. “Pasaipa hang tangkap gambaq aku?” Owh, dia ni memang org utagha rupanya.


Kakak-kakak senior RX10


“Saya menang motor”


Nobita Sabri bersama Doraemon ciptaannya.


“Siapa kutuk2 aku tadi? Meh sini nak bagi selipar.”


“Macam ni baru betul,” Dr Haniki


Dr Elamin & Dr Che Anuar. Thanks sebab sudi bermain bersama.


“Haaa, sorang lagi, sorang lagi boleh muat,”kata Amir. Luqman redha jek.


Kami dah cukup. Ini pun muat2 jek.


“Alhamdulillah, SPM kami mantap.”




Dr Asyiqin


Puteri Adib


“Saya rumet dia,” kata Hilmi sambil tunuk dua jari kat Hasrul.


“Laaaa, ye ke bang?”


“Walaupun mungkin orang tak dapat cam aku, tapi senyum tetap senyum,” kata bro paling kiri tu.


“Jangan risau bang. Sila pakai topeng ni.”


“Nak join selamatkan dunia, boleh?”


“Otromen tu benar-benar wujud ke mama?” adik pun konfius.


“Otromen memang wujudlah dik. Muka dia macam gini.”


“Betul ke cerita korang ni?” adik baju kelabu menyampuk.


“Saya dah 3rd year, saya pun keliru betul ke otromen tu pernah selamatkan bumi.”


“Emm, boleh tukar topik lain tak? Aku tengah lapar, korang cerita pasal otromen. Kan aku dah makan tepung.”


“Untunglah dapat makan tepong. Kitorang dapat minum air sabun jek.”


Surat khabar ni ada gunanya dik. Meh sini akak tunjukkan.


Haa, siap dah. Surat khabar seribu guna.


Owh, itu ke yang orang duk kata surat khabar boleh menggantikan benang.


Kalau takde surat khabar, plastik pun orang dah pakai dah sekarang ni.


Memang betul. Ini namanya fashionista




Angkat tangan macam saya.


Ok, dik.


Farahi jelous.


Sabar, Farahi, Akan tiba masanya, kata Aiman.


Murtadha menggunakan muscle di bahagian muka untuk acara ini.


Dr Sanda


“Tali ni nampak tak kukuh,” kata Dr Haniki.


Dr Maryanto, Dr Helal, Prof Noriah.


“Takkan tak percaya cerita saya cik kiah oiii,”


Diam- diam. Jangan cerita kat sini.

At the end of the day, everyone had another happy memory to be kept in their minds and hearts and for Rx-13, another success story that with Allah’s willing can be as a spark for them to keep on the feat and spirit for launching events such as Pharmily Day 2015. 11061250_10206108410732278_4100269889562793896_n 11059240_10206108430172764_1909358934117171701_n 11058484_10206108457453446_5946831118557829214_n 11058403_10206108379571499_6387847970047598868_n 11050735_10206108399331993_3741952091839567739_n 11052457_10206108478493972_4789956711996808815_n   11046831_10206108409652251_5835878622517494552_n 11046720_10206108507334693_9069840283886836583_n 11043119_10206108387411695_6355506037121945345_n   11046427_10206108394651876_8990048051086474123_n 11046525_10206108427452696_4176634185100634960_n 11043076_10206108409412245_6706429053719550541_n  11043096_10206108390971784_2958058021327501858_n 11042959_10206108452253316_4204210633611048276_n 11042955_10206108514014860_2203008420790159308_n 11042662_10206108451653301_6498827046563637212_n 11041824_10206108409932258_8427410234859343987_n 11041080_10206108445693152_291586536291638700_n 11041718_10206108391891807_8206904114187827383_n 11041718_10206108424932633_4605824222516409311_n 11041726_10206108477053936_1732902134075662586_n 11041733_10206108461093537_2395565793347501630_n 11041792_10206108463173589_4210436072524685913_n 11040932_10206108464373619_2112880133870427523_n 11036845_10206108474533873_5759892184405761050_n 11034298_10206108408852231_7843356690422715703_n 11034911_10206108400052011_7184559995008535399_n 11038721_10206108401052036_7995218592863132895_n 11038397_10206108448413220_4711410834585914159_n 11034894_10206108445133138_3223784510159624987_n 11034258_10206108491974309_5797334748344139610_n 11034245_10206108466933683_867999427713044520_n 11034894_10206108398811980_5561550374947556293_n 11037566_10206108402372069_1983097959588530416_n 11034300_10206108408132213_4921389249098804531_n 11037316_10206108403452096_2372071739662306527_n 11029540_10206108412732328_3819159124124861431_n 11025992_10206108424212615_3996599717568485602_n 11026004_10206108475973909_3753704247477798205_n 11032750_10206108442333068_6397972322648098620_n 11026004_10206108551695802_8074767972919014066_n 11026091_10206108410132263_643822003624024781_n 11034190_10206108508534723_5468800777388239612_n 11034196_10206108440293017_8500136878120834074_n 11026263_10206108470453771_4317443547727545411_n 11025816_10206108404052111_875010074992554583_n   11025639_10206108381971559_4317651138857839678_n 11025117_10206108406012160_9175682615242985691_n 11019211_10206108407092187_9059667143082746542_n 11025136_10206108382491572_7146858677864347256_n 11022559_10206108515134888_8336999734824133395_n 11025154_10206108423492597_2260363569045118809_n 11024601_10206108406052161_2580337789475844216_n 11025164_10206108456133413_2873877011534414504_n 11024758_10206108385731653_1391574583559286814_n 11025175_10206108403212090_2596304303828868947_n 11025201_10206108435972909_589205168547178337_n 11024783_10206108446413170_6150973047551364652_n 11018609_10206108439372994_4907591638361883813_n 11013094_10206108458413470_6698937344201206710_n 11012947_10206108378771479_478206701402593775_n 11009981_10206108523215090_121840261551004577_n 11009906_10206108506654676_7646923544620345122_n 11008387_10206108472773829_6986418574419191617_n 10986439_10206108412012310_3674683017390634617_n 10612859_10206108392651826_6002062949161542550_n 10612859_10206108398531973_7571770536199016067_n 10995380_10206108513454846_224083865061381583_n 10612859_10206108430932783_5158858485163556115_n 10686670_10206108493294342_704322335964377710_n 10995688_10206108390731778_7255360216301251382_n 10931399_10206108400452021_6990670313815196751_n 10985365_10206108389411745_8341184728832300982_n 10455399_10206108380491522_5735843248947447717_n 10459920_10206108475533898_7874660173156340920_n 10471134_10206108385851656_3304868000007807438_n 10514643_10206108457013435_8899897007654667665_n  10451008_10206108425572649_4619292088180548361_n 10438359_10206108466493672_6550992611389583339_n 10431534_10206108429452746_1216556101372671885_n 10430051_10206108495014385_8260667541219667839_n 10426339_10206108461973559_1115297386250632195_n 10422474_10206108392691827_6388086055876342225_n 10422980_10206108462573574_6977393114414401709_n 10425161_10206108436132913_7883817022433126536_n 10425161_10206108448973234_5640488296177136086_n 10426214_10206108449493247_6553571430501549985_n 10363719_10206108456533423_7353659307783767712_n 10407097_10206108401372044_3420671091105554302_n 10369874_10206108411132288_6110901600023783402_n  10407301_10206108470933783_6184846282594920703_n 10374846_10206108530535273_3852037669415082498_n 10422178_10206108476333918_8308529867190476229_n 10390156_10206108465973659_3597404836536202444_n 10422404_10206108477893957_6289050205036350883_n 10401535_10206108469653751_4688285783275299134_n 10422474_10206108388811730_5217673029745062852_n 10363101_10206108509534748_7912556372690657240_n 10356720_10206108439412995_3848707254721537564_n 10325600_10206108435292892_520782017312192397_n 10325600_10206108384411620_6156958994412246311_n 10313611_10206108506294667_5475191057859663292_n 10168025_10206108467293692_4383327210390376233_n 1506687_10206108450213265_2951752006074781127_n  988945_10206108386091662_6056865980426040253_n 1510758_10206108427852706_4752409648671783887_n 1510869_10206108436052911_6597520667555328384_n 1506965_10206108439773004_263781558811472999_n 988945_10206108404492122_4724001741337676014_n 996128_10206108472493822_3803496817855177007_n 1507195_10206108421692552_2654832541187445549_n 1545629_10206108466253666_7680728448080081120_n 1610889_10206108432772829_6912561934430161290_n 1456071_10206108396291917_6485286559903644120_n 1506687_10206108394371869_2123969843858078330_n 1509029_10206108405732153_7238265538009185617_n



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SRC KULLIYYAH TOUR – KOP |2nd March 2015|

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Alhamdulillah, Kulliyyah Tour to Kulliyyah of Pharmacy done!


walaupun orang lain taknak pandang camera, saya tetap dengan prinsip saya. Saya akan pandang camera walau apa pun terjadi.-Izham


Bro Farahi


“Betul, saya fokus masa dengar penerangan SRC tadi. Henset kat tangan pun saya tak sempat nak tengok,” kata sister.

8 9

Here are the raised issues so that everyone can benefit from it.

Questions & suggestions from KOP-ians

1. Regarding impart project
=only involve kulliyyah of pharmacy for the current semester

2. Impart project. Why do we encourage student to give money. Why dont we help student to get scholarship for continuous supply of money
=not every student has to pay
=objective is to inculcate the student to feel the self of belonging to help others

3. Suggestion to snr to organize a run competition. To attract public to join n know iium
= Will be held during ikod.

4. Regarding the operating hours of cafe
= Managed under FFSU. They are in trial duration. After 6 months, there will be a survey done.
=Regarding the operation hours, you can directly complaint to ffsu.

5. Open burning in iium.
= SRC will follow up on this matter

6. Promotion of src and how to be near to SRC
=through social media.
= we are also student like you. Don’t hesitate to contact us via any means.

7. The space for sport activities is not enough. Suggest to do recreation in empty spaces and lakes. To
= There will be a new field in sport complex. But this will take some times.


Muhammad Farahi Arif Tajul Arifin
Nurul Aini Ahmad

SRC KOP 14/15

” Together, towards a better future”


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Assalamualaikum WBT to all KOPians…

U love to drink CANNED coffee every morning?
U love to drink mineral water and got plenty of EMPTY BOTTLES?
U would like to dispose some NEWSPAPERS or ANY PRINTED MATERIALS?

Let’s throw all those trashes in these recycle bins provided at the student lounge for a better tomorrow.

“….And do not commit abuse on the earth, spreading corruption.” (2:60)

“KOPian’s care for the environment”

Welfare Ipha


p/s: Thumbs up Welfare IPhA. May this encourage all KOPians to recycle more after this.

You don’t have chance to read? We upload it for you!

You can also find one at the student lounge.




IPhA Newsletter | March 2015 | Issue 1

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Bismillah. Alhamdulillah.

Do you want to know how to relax?
Haha, of course you always relax already knew about that, but…

do you really know about the best way to relax?

Even six minutes can be enough to make you re energize after a wonderful morning quiz plus a long focus on lectures and tutorials.

“Six minutes?”

1. Just focus 100% on the lectures and make sure not to miss even a single point.

2. “Something” will be passed to you during the lecture and it may disturb your concentration but WAIT!!!
Don’t even dare to lose your focus because of that “something”. Just hold it on until the lecture ends.

3. End of class. Pray for barakah of the ilm.

4. Now the time has come!

“Wooaa, it’s IPhA Newsletter!!! New face, new season, new spirit.”

5. Read for six minutes and let your friends have the same happiness of reading IPhA Newsletter 2015. 🙂

*It makes you feel more relax. That make sense, right? Haha.”

Enjoy reading our newsletter and thank you.