IPhA Newsletter | March 2015 | Issue 1

Posted: March 5, 2015 by I-Press in Announcement

Bismillah. Alhamdulillah.

Do you want to know how to relax?
Haha, of course you always relax already knew about that, but…

do you really know about the best way to relax?

Even six minutes can be enough to make you re energize after a wonderful morning quiz plus a long focus on lectures and tutorials.

“Six minutes?”

1. Just focus 100% on the lectures and make sure not to miss even a single point.

2. “Something” will be passed to you during the lecture and it may disturb your concentration but WAIT!!!
Don’t even dare to lose your focus because of that “something”. Just hold it on until the lecture ends.

3. End of class. Pray for barakah of the ilm.

4. Now the time has come!

“Wooaa, it’s IPhA Newsletter!!! New face, new season, new spirit.”

5. Read for six minutes and let your friends have the same happiness of reading IPhA Newsletter 2015. 🙂

*It makes you feel more relax. That make sense, right? Haha.”

Enjoy reading our newsletter and thank you.



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