SRC KULLIYYAH TOUR – KOP |2nd March 2015|

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Alhamdulillah, Kulliyyah Tour to Kulliyyah of Pharmacy done!


walaupun orang lain taknak pandang camera, saya tetap dengan prinsip saya. Saya akan pandang camera walau apa pun terjadi.-Izham


Bro Farahi


“Betul, saya fokus masa dengar penerangan SRC tadi. Henset kat tangan pun saya tak sempat nak tengok,” kata sister.

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Here are the raised issues so that everyone can benefit from it.

Questions & suggestions from KOP-ians

1. Regarding impart project
=only involve kulliyyah of pharmacy for the current semester

2. Impart project. Why do we encourage student to give money. Why dont we help student to get scholarship for continuous supply of money
=not every student has to pay
=objective is to inculcate the student to feel the self of belonging to help others

3. Suggestion to snr to organize a run competition. To attract public to join n know iium
= Will be held during ikod.

4. Regarding the operating hours of cafe
= Managed under FFSU. They are in trial duration. After 6 months, there will be a survey done.
=Regarding the operation hours, you can directly complaint to ffsu.

5. Open burning in iium.
= SRC will follow up on this matter

6. Promotion of src and how to be near to SRC
=through social media.
= we are also student like you. Don’t hesitate to contact us via any means.

7. The space for sport activities is not enough. Suggest to do recreation in empty spaces and lakes. To
= There will be a new field in sport complex. But this will take some times.


Muhammad Farahi Arif Tajul Arifin
Nurul Aini Ahmad

SRC KOP 14/15

” Together, towards a better future”


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