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On 8th September 2016, which is the first week of the new semester, iCARE IPhA had organized Solat Hajat & Al- Kahfi Recitation. It was held at Musolla Kuliyyah of Pharmacy. The event was start off with students’ arrival at 7.00pm and then proceed with iftar. 100 packed of food were also prepared for the iftar. It was the first gathering for the new semester which includes all batches and this event also aimed to welcome new member of IPhA which is RX15. This gathering which involved all IPHA members may strengthened the ukhuwwah between the students especially seniors-juniors relation. Solat Hajat and Al- Kahfi recitation were done after Maghrib prayer. This program was enlightened with tazkirah by Dr. Sufian entitled “Buta Selain Allah”. All the words from tazkirah gave high spirit to the students in order to begin this new semester. It was a successful event and it ended at 9.30 pm.



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IPhA gathering 2016 was successfully held on 6th September 2016 at 9.15 pm. IPhA gathering was an event exclusively meant for all 1st year students to introduce them to IPhA mainboards and office bearers of 2015/2016 tenure. This program also aimed to attract all the RX15 members to join IPhA and MyPSA (Malaysian Pharmacy Students’ Association). Despite the bad weather due to heavy rain on that day, RX15 members still tried their best to join the briefing. The presentation from Br. Hilmi Hanapi RX12 and Br. Murtadha RX12 had been succeeded to attract the attention of the audience and some of them showed some interest towards MyPSA events especially Educational Trip to other countries. Lastly, bureau selection form was distributed to all the students and they got to choose the bureau that they wish to join according to ranking. The informative briefing session was ended at 11 pm.





White Coat Ceremony RX15

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White coat ceremony has been a wonderful and meaningful tradition for Kulliyyah of Pharmacy, IIUM Kuantan to welcome the first year students and it is symbolize as the passage into the initial stages for pharmacist’s profession. Before this semester started, which on 2nd September 2016, about 114 of first year students which known as Rx15 were celebrated in this ceremony at Main Auditorium, Kulliyyah of Pharmacy. All the students were required to wear white coat which symbolize clinical service and care.  This event kicked off at 8.30am with the opening speech by Associate Professor Dr Mohamad Haniki Bin Nik Mohamed followed by the oath ceremony. Then, a short kulliyyah briefing was delivered to the new students and the lecturers also were introduced to the students. The event was successfully ended at 10am. The whole family of Kulliyyah of Pharmacy welcomes Rx15 to the Kulliyah with open heart.dsc_8225Speech by Deputy Dean of Academic Affairs




dsc_8316Welcome to RX15! 😀