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Gotcha on NHPCE

Posted: October 5, 2010 by Shamel in Event, This and That

These are the genuine and splendid photos taken while we are wandering around the KOP during the NHPCE. Enjoy the moment.

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Some pictures during their dinner at VIP Lounge, KOP.

Our Mr President sit side by side with SOPHYS’ President and share their thoughts.

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Highlights: NoGAPS 2010 at AIMST

Posted: May 29, 2010 by Shamel in Event

I tell you what, the environment at AIMST is superb. You’ll feel like being in Singapore, though I’ve never been there before (hahaha) but those programmes in TV and pictures I saw show the university looks almost the same. Modern but greener.

We, who represented IIUM:

Rx8: All sisters of whom I didn’t know their names yet, but the pictures will tell you soon. So do not worry.

Rx7: Hilmi, Syamil, Adli

Rx6: Shamel, Aizuddin,  Apip

Rx5: Hanis, Johan, Jiji, Shifaa and Fiza

And here’s the highlight of the event:

  • During registration, they played high beat music that we felt really energetic. We got bags in which there were pens, notebooks, t-Shirts and name-tags.
  • Ice-breaking was done in a hall that they call orientation hall. There were few exciting games that need us to run here and there, getting to know people aside from our group members.
  • University tour had shown us that the Dentistry Institute seems the greatest building there, highly equipped with advanced technology in the labs.
  • Symposium, as usual Mr John Cheng has always been the main attraction that keep audience stay awake.
  • Pharmrace around Sg Petani town, participants ran like there’s no tomorrow, guys wore dresses and make up, ate spicy soups and drank sweet blended drinks, puzzles and controversy with guards at SP Plaza.
  • Comunity Service was done in two places, one in Kulim and the other in Sg Petani with special kids. We had a really good time there by knowing them real close.
  • Aizuddin was among the final contestants of PCE, Shamel’s proposition group won the audience cheers but lost to the opposition team in Debate, Jiji and Shifaa performed dance for special kids during community service.
  • Hanis’ post as MyPSA President ended and the new reign of Apip begins.
  • IIUM bid for NPSC for 2012. Let’s hope our sport complex ready by that year.
  • Show time observed that Apip’s group (Orange) won the Best Dance, Aizuddin’s group (Green) awarded the Best Sketch while Shamel’s and Shifaa’s group (Pink) won The Best Singing group.
  • Grand Dinner was held at Swiss Inn (also the Swiss Garden group) and we had even-the-word-great-cannot-describe-the food. The dinner spread the 1 Malaysia message through committee’s dance performance. They sang and dance very very well.

Enjoy the pictures below.

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Nike Ads

Posted: March 3, 2010 by Shamel in Event, This and That

Azwin with his new pair of Nike shoes.

Location: Basketball court
Occasion: IPhA Interbatch Tournament

First Book Review Session

Posted: February 27, 2010 by Shamel in Event

With Dr Kausar.

You won’t hear any Florence and Attwood here. She talked about a book authored by Hansadutta. Click HERE to know more about the author and books he wrote.

1st glance, I was attracted with the cover

Brothers who attended

..and sisters. Another two sat in front!

It’s an unusual practice in Malaysia to have live book review session, but it is common in some countries abroad. And it is okay to have few people in anything new. That’s what Dr Kausar said. And she hoped to hearing review from the students in the future.

Thanks to our Mr President who initiates this programme and thanks to Education and Professional Bureau for organising the session.

“Read everything. Who knows, we might use the knowledge some time!”

Work With SRC

Posted: February 23, 2010 by Shamel in Announcement

Sometimes, people do have interest and passion in contributing to the community. But at the same time they want to retain their anonymity.

Being an SRC will surely have your pictures stuck on the wall. So here’s a good news for you. Grab the chance be the SRC committees, work together with them, contribute to the IIUM community but still, you can stay behind the wall.

A glimpse on World Story

Posted: February 20, 2010 by Shamel in Event

Look who’s among us attended World Story talk at KOM Auditorium. I didn’t went far to the ladies side (malu). So only our brothers’ pictures here.

Norezham preferred world stories from newspaper

Razak led as the moderator

Syazwan hid Azwadi's face

On brother's side

The poster did mention about limited seats. Now wondering..

Ruzmayuddin and Nizam were discussing world matters

Am listened attentively

Syamil got ready with camera in hand

Neither a student nor staff

But claimed to work as ‘pelaut’. Not sure whether a sailor or a fisherman. In between his question, he spoke out his little disappointment  on today’s attendance. Well, I think most of them went to marriage course?

"What if I lose interest in my current field?"

Hafiz. Do you notice our SRC, Hanisah at the back?

Something to apply for IPhA future

Anyone with story from marriage course at KOP Auditorium?