Imagine this as a box where you drop letters.

To really appreciate and bring us closer to you, please do not hesitate to leave pieces of opinions, suggestions and critiques.

Feels itchy already? Give your palms a medication by writing to us now.

  1. aklima says:

    hola IPha tersayang..miss u guys loads.. 🙂

  2. I-Press says:

    Thanx Aklima. At I-Press, we’d love to hear from u seniors! Pls visit our on9 magazine regularly.

    • Pidot says:

      awesome initiative!! korang, nnt ley la aku komen sket2, dpt gak tau up n going UIA kuantan yg da ku tinggalkan hu hu sedey

  3. Amin says:

    yeah, ex-ipha.welcome to ipha press!

  4. salam ziarah dr vt~ mhn dilinkkan.

  5. amin says:

    shamel, ko perasan x fb dh xde update ipress utk menunjukkan yg ipress dh update?berbelit2 ayat ak.hahaha.. ko phm x mksd ak ni?contoh, ade artikal br post, tp kt fb xde pun update tu. camne nk bg org tau yg ada artikal br post ek?

  6. amin says:

    shamel, ak xjumpa cari kt mana nak edit ‘From The Editor’ – Exam Mode…Love,Ali I-Press Editor -iphapress@gmail.com

    nk update yg br..hehe

  7. Shamel says:

    Carik kat appearance –> widget min. Aku da update da. sori la. lupe plak tugas aku kat situ. kih3. kasehan i-press!

  8. jihan says:

    aku dah perasan lame dah shamel.. 😦

  9. nadh says:

    huhu. haritu kt sini ade letak memo dr deans office x eh? thanks

  10. jihan says:

    memo yg mn ? yg attendance tu ade lah

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