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Organised by the Publication and Information Bureau.

Run by 3 organising committees only, namely Amin, Dhabitah and Syarifah Radhiyah, the programme was considered a success.

RM3 was charged per participants for snacks and certificates with free experience sharing by the speakers; Fadlan (Adobe Photoshop), Shamel (videography) and Amin (photography).

Fadlan made a come back at the end on how to remove threats on external drives manually without using the antivirus softwares. Here’s the highlights of the workshop.

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I-Mag Dinner

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Location: New Horizon
Time: 6.30pm

Two tables booked.

Photographer: Shamel

The 9th Asia-Pacific Pharmaceutical Symposium

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Anyong ! Aneyaseyo…Hee

Ok, let’s start with a brief explanation of what is APPS ! It’s an annual event organized with cooperation of the Asia Pacific Regional-Officer (APRO), which is part of the International Pharmaceutical Students Federation (IPSF) and this year event was held in Seoul , Korea =)

Our kulliyyah had sent six students to this event, Solah ( graduated student ), Mr PresiDIN, Apip, Syar , Huda & Jihan. We all really had a great time in Seoul !! Tak percaya, tengok la gambar =)

U all mesti nak tahu apa yang kitorang buat di sana kan ???

There were four themes for the symposium :-

Preliminary lecture – Establishment of the Identity of Pharmacists as Professionals by Mr  In Choon Park, the Vice-president of the Korean Pharmacists’ Association. ” Exploring well-matched new functions of pharmacists & cooperating between physicians & pharmacists due to the change of health care , technological change & the change of national consciousness are very important challenges to have the right health care system

Secondly Role of a Pharmacist in the Pharmaceutical Industry. Korean Industry of Pharmaceutical Distribution  and Tasks by Mr Jung Hee Han , Senior vice-president of Geoyoung Corporation. ” In order to develop Korean pharmaceutical & logistics industries, distribution volume handled by the wholesale companies & logistics companies must be increased, build advanced logistics system that will secure stable supply and transition into an information-oriented system

Thirdly Vision  for Clinical Pharmacists and Phramaceutical Services. DUR & Patient Education -the past and future by Mr Shin Wan Gyoon , Professor in the Department of Pharmacy at Seoul National University & Bundang SNU Hosp. “The vision for clinical pharmacy is to improve drug utilization & quality of life in patients & educate students as the leaders in pharmacy practice , education & research.

Last but not least Role of pharmacist in community pharmacy for self medication by Dr In Sook Lee, senior executive member of the Women’s Committee.” Pharmacists play a vital role in the community with regards to self medication. They are leaders , managers , care-givers & provide the connecting channel between medicine and the everyday users

Besides symposium, there was also pharmacy exhibition. The topic was My Ideal Pharmacy & every competitor had been given about 10 minutes to deliver a presentation. Some universities also sent their  representatives, like UiTM , National University of Singapore & many more. The objectives of the pharmacy exhibition was to analyze how creative the idea is & how well the competitors had researched about current pharmacies.

Patient Counseling Contest, we also sent two of our representatives, Huda & Syar. Unfortunately there can be only one winner. The  first prize was awarded to student from Uni of Nottingham Msia…

Pharma Tour ! We went to Hansdok Pharmaceutical Industry. Wow , memang canggih ! Semuanya mesin ! That’s why skilled laborers sometimes lost their jobs as new machines replaced them .. =))

Oh not to forget the social events like Welcome party, International Night  where delegates wore their national dresses and share their cultures, Development Fund (FD) Auction & of course Gala Dinner !! Kami hanya diberi makan kebab sama kek sahaja di Gala Dinner..Hehe..Itu sahaja yang halal =P

Erm, cacat cela event tidak ketinggalan juga ! Semua komiti ialah Reception committee ! Not like us, we have divisions like Pub & Info n bla bla bla…Patut lah macam serabut dan serabai sikit. Heh. Kitorang perlu berjalan beribu batu untuk mendapatkan sandwich only ! Di sana mungkin tidak ikut protokol seperti di Malaysia, MC boleh membelakangi VVIP…Tetapi yang best Korean people sangat friendly !! Saya sudah merindui Seoul, anda bagaimana ? =))