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The 1st National Halal Pharmaceutical Convention and Exhibition was successfully organized on the  2nd to 3rd October 2010 and this brilliant idea was initiated by our Mr PresiDin based on MIHAS and World Halal Forum that being held annually. With the theme of ‘Serving Halal products for the community’  this event intends to provide a platform that hopefully will open the people’s eyes regarding the importance of halal in pharmaceutical products.

The first day of this event started with a short talk on What is Mypsa from Mypsa’ president followed by a  talk from Madam Halimah and Bro Rusydi particularly about Pharmacy course itself. Thanks to the students from Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Beserah if i’m not mistaken who came to be our audience on the first day. Maybe those students are so eager about what is pharmacy and wanna become a pharmacist like us too 🙂                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            In In the evening, there was a talk on ‘Apa itu ubat Babi’. Unfortunately, this talk was able to tackle small number of audience only. Perhaps we’ve to change the title to something a bit more catchy to attract more audience ?

Actually the exhibition started yesterday along with the convention. There were 3 paperwork presentations and a forum conducted by well known speakers. Last but not least, zillion thanks to main sponsor CCM and co-sponsors Majlis Ugama Islam Pahang, Idaman Pharma, MyPsa, MPS, HOE Pharmaceuticals Sdn Bhd & JAKIM. Without them, this event was just like a castle in the sky.

Before I forget, from the very bottom of my heart, I just wanna say a very warm congratulations and thanks a lot to our IPhA’s President tenure 09/010 for what he has done to IPhA throughout the year ! It’s going to be legendary man.                                                                 ‘Patah tumbuh hilang tak berganti…’ 🙂

sekian sahaja dari IPhA Press 09/010


2nd IIUM National Pharmacy Quiz

Posted: September 27, 2010 by arcoxia37 in Event

Alhamdulillah, the 2nd IIUM  National Pharmacy Quiz was successfully conducted on 25th & 26th September at Kulliyyah of Pharmacy building. In addition to that, more than 70 students from various universities particularly IIUM, UM, UiTM, UKM, USM, CUCMS, UCSI, AIMST , MSU & IMU took part in that remarkable event.

For your information, the IIUM National Pharmacy Quiz is the first national level competition for undergraduate students from all pharmacy schools in Malaysia. This programme is designed to be an annual event hosted each year by IPhA with a challenge trophy named after Dean Of Kulliyyah of Pharmacy, “Piala Tariq”. The questions comprised from a number of subjects taught in pharmacy curriculum which include Pharmacology, Pharmaceutics, Medicinal Chemistry and Clinical Pharmacy.

Some universities had submitted two teams to represent their own university such as IIUM, USM , UiTM, UCSI,MSU & IMU. Participants for IIUM Team A were Aizuddin Roszali, Izani Ab Rashid, Raihan Ramizan,  Najihah Mohamed Shukri & Yazid Kasani. Participants for IIUM Team B were Ahmad Ramdani, Salihin Abdullah, Mohamad Taufiq Adnin, Surayya Harun and Amalina Amri. All of the teams had undergone preliminary round which was multiple choice questions. From 10 universities, only 6 universities were qualified to enter quarter finals ( IIUM, AIMST, USM, UKM, UM & IMU ). Here’s the results :-

Quarter finals :-


40 67
49 41
43 37
42 64

Semi finals :-

51 49
37 24

Finals :-



47 34

Congrats AIMST  for winning the 2nd National Pharmacy Quiz ( Leao Xin Yi – best participant ) , USM for 1st runner up title and of course IIUM team B for 2nd runner up title ! A very warm congratulations to the organizing committee , u’all did a wonderful job !

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The rest will be uploaded in FB ok 🙂

Pray for them…

Posted: August 29, 2010 by arcoxia37 in Announcement, This and That

Sorry for late update guys. Mungkin ada yang tahu & ada jugak yang belum tahu pasal accident yang involve Rx8 student & some Sciencess students pada pukul 4.30 pagi tadi. Keadaan terkini, Muhsin mengalami pendarahan luar otak, mungkin ada effect pada tulang belakang. Hafiz Zakaria patah kaki kanan , mata kepala dan muka luka. Izzat ( Rx 8 ) patah kaki. Izwar dikabarkan keadaan paling teruk, bergantung kepada ventilator sahaja …..Doakan untuk mereka….Amin ya Rabbal Alamin….

New look of IPhA Students’ Lounge

Posted: August 28, 2010 by arcoxia37 in Announcement, This and That

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As u can see above, IPhA Students’ Lounge looks much more proper than before along with a couple of cupboards and small work surface for new and old newspapers. Besides, UNO & Sahibba are available at the students lounge too. Thanks to the secret Good Samaritans who donated those books- Biology, Microbiology, Immunology, Pathology etc. Here’s the strict reminders to all IPhA members or non members who wanna use the students lounge :


Verily Allah will defend ( from ill ) those who believe : verily , Allah loves not any that is a traitor  to faith or shows ingratitude ( AL- Hajj : 38)

Amanahlah, Sesungguhnya Allah melihat kita !

Visit from UiTM Permatang Pauh

Posted: August 7, 2010 by arcoxia37 in Event, Meeting

Highlights of  the day :-

  • Briefing about our kulliyyah by Madam Hadijah
  • Sharing moments, ice breaking
  • KOP Tour
  • Briefing from Dr Che Suraya, MyPsa briefing by Apip & Aizuddin gave a talk about IPhA
  • Explore Race around KOP
  • Multimedia presentations particularly about IPhA + Games
  • Dinner with IPhA President … Pss Thanks to R&R Cafe for such tasty dinner !
  • Photo session

Zillions thanks to the pharmacy students from UiTM Penang who came far away from north side just to visit us and our kulliyyah.   Special thanks to PR Bureau for entertaining them throughout the whole day.  ^_^

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IPhA Race 2010

Posted: August 7, 2010 by arcoxia37 in Event

Alhamdulillah, the explorace was successfully done and participated by enthusiastic participants from Rx members, Rx6, Rx7, Rx8 & Rx9 ~!  And of course thanks to all the committee for their splendid work in putting on this event together, especially to the program manager itself, Ikmal from Rx8. The IPhA Race was the introductory event for this new semester and for sure many more yet to come. I heard that there will be no Pharmily Day like previous semesters so this IPhA Race would be like a replacement for that annual event. Never mind. The committee have done their best to make the final year students happy by letting them won the first & the 3rd prizes. Heh. Congrats to 3rd place winners from Rx6- Afif, AizuddinMN, Shamel, Helmi & Aizuddin Roszali, 2nd place won by girls from Rx7  – Hanis Hazwanie, Mafiza, Ridzuani, Syazwani & Syaza. N lastly the champion from Rx6 again Chenox, Salihin, Faris Hanif, Apip &  Cagan. Enjoy your hamper ~ =DD

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The 9th Asia-Pacific Pharmaceutical Symposium

Posted: July 16, 2010 by arcoxia37 in Uncategorized

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Anyong ! Aneyaseyo…Hee

Ok, let’s start with a brief explanation of what is APPS ! It’s an annual event organized with cooperation of the Asia Pacific Regional-Officer (APRO), which is part of the International Pharmaceutical Students Federation (IPSF) and this year event was held in Seoul , Korea =)

Our kulliyyah had sent six students to this event, Solah ( graduated student ), Mr PresiDIN, Apip, Syar , Huda & Jihan. We all really had a great time in Seoul !! Tak percaya, tengok la gambar =)

U all mesti nak tahu apa yang kitorang buat di sana kan ???

There were four themes for the symposium :-

Preliminary lecture – Establishment of the Identity of Pharmacists as Professionals by Mr  In Choon Park, the Vice-president of the Korean Pharmacists’ Association. ” Exploring well-matched new functions of pharmacists & cooperating between physicians & pharmacists due to the change of health care , technological change & the change of national consciousness are very important challenges to have the right health care system

Secondly Role of a Pharmacist in the Pharmaceutical Industry. Korean Industry of Pharmaceutical Distribution  and Tasks by Mr Jung Hee Han , Senior vice-president of Geoyoung Corporation. ” In order to develop Korean pharmaceutical & logistics industries, distribution volume handled by the wholesale companies & logistics companies must be increased, build advanced logistics system that will secure stable supply and transition into an information-oriented system

Thirdly Vision  for Clinical Pharmacists and Phramaceutical Services. DUR & Patient Education -the past and future by Mr Shin Wan Gyoon , Professor in the Department of Pharmacy at Seoul National University & Bundang SNU Hosp. “The vision for clinical pharmacy is to improve drug utilization & quality of life in patients & educate students as the leaders in pharmacy practice , education & research.

Last but not least Role of pharmacist in community pharmacy for self medication by Dr In Sook Lee, senior executive member of the Women’s Committee.” Pharmacists play a vital role in the community with regards to self medication. They are leaders , managers , care-givers & provide the connecting channel between medicine and the everyday users

Besides symposium, there was also pharmacy exhibition. The topic was My Ideal Pharmacy & every competitor had been given about 10 minutes to deliver a presentation. Some universities also sent their  representatives, like UiTM , National University of Singapore & many more. The objectives of the pharmacy exhibition was to analyze how creative the idea is & how well the competitors had researched about current pharmacies.

Patient Counseling Contest, we also sent two of our representatives, Huda & Syar. Unfortunately there can be only one winner. The  first prize was awarded to student from Uni of Nottingham Msia…

Pharma Tour ! We went to Hansdok Pharmaceutical Industry. Wow , memang canggih ! Semuanya mesin ! That’s why skilled laborers sometimes lost their jobs as new machines replaced them .. =))

Oh not to forget the social events like Welcome party, International Night  where delegates wore their national dresses and share their cultures, Development Fund (FD) Auction & of course Gala Dinner !! Kami hanya diberi makan kebab sama kek sahaja di Gala Dinner..Hehe..Itu sahaja yang halal =P

Erm, cacat cela event tidak ketinggalan juga ! Semua komiti ialah Reception committee ! Not like us, we have divisions like Pub & Info n bla bla bla…Patut lah macam serabut dan serabai sikit. Heh. Kitorang perlu berjalan beribu batu untuk mendapatkan sandwich only ! Di sana mungkin tidak ikut protokol seperti di Malaysia, MC boleh membelakangi VVIP…Tetapi yang best Korean people sangat friendly !! Saya sudah merindui Seoul, anda bagaimana ? =))