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Induction phase II

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The second part of induction was conducted on 13/2/2016 and 14/2/2016, a two days and one night trip at D’Ambang Resort, Pekan, Pahang. The main objective of this trip was to build and strengthen the ukhuwah between the participants as they will be working together for the whole tenure. All the office bearers with secretary and treasurer for each bureau had attended and participated the trip.


The induction started with ice breaking session which was also attended by Dr. RosazraĀ and Dr. Che Anuar. Later then the participants took part in many other team building activities such as Running OBs (explorace) and werewolf game. They also did night walk (which unfortunately that night was raining so they played in rain) and ended the day with ibrah session.

The second day started with qiamullai followed by aerobic that was handled by the brothers (Ammar, Amir and Syafiq). The main activity for that day was 3km jungle trekking and rafting. They divided themselves into 4 groups and built the raft on their own with stuff they found from the jungle.

“It was fun and entertaining. The main objective of the program was achieved and I’m glad that now we know each other better” – VP I IPhA 2015/2016




IPhA 2015/2016

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Welcome back, everyone! How’s your holiday? Well spent? šŸ˜‰

This would be the first post for this new tenure. First and foremost, I think it is still not too lateĀ to welcome rx14 to IPhA. Welcome, welcome, welcome! You guys might be new, scared and awkward ar first, but trust me, you’ll be okay in no time. So don’t worry much if you’re given a position/responsibility to handle something. Gain as much experiences as you can and develop yourself even more!

So, last week on 4th February, the first program for this tenure was conducted under i-Care bureau– Solat Hajat and Iftar which later then followed by mass meeting IPhA. All of IPhAĀ members were grouped under a certain bureau beforehand and the meeting took place in allocated location by the office bearers of IPhA.


From the meeting, a secretary and a treasurer from each bureau were elected which later on they attended a Phase 1 induction at lecture hall Year 3.

The program ended after the rest of the bureau members along with Head Bureau finished discussingĀ about upcoming programs that will happen under their bureau for this tenure.


Looking forward for exciting programs ahead! šŸ˜€