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Transformasi Malaysia: Mahasiswa Menerajui Perubahan

Posted: October 18, 2009 by norezham in Event

One of transformation brought by the organizer during the recent I-Quest was the panelist for the forum that were among the student leader from various organizations and school of thought (fikrah).

They are Abu Qassim bin Nor Azmi from Persatuan Kebangsaan Islam Malaysia (PKPIM), Mohamad Idris Mohd Yusof from Gabungan Mahasiswa Islam Semenanjung (GAMIS) and Mohd Faridzul M. Nasaruddin from Ma’ruf Club. The moderator for this interesting forum is Bro. Ahmad Fakhrurazi bin Haji Yahaya, former member of IIUM Student Representative Council (SRC).

It’s the warm feeling to be at the veneu hearing the panelist discussing a big topic regarding the fate of our nation. It’s also amazing to see the audience still staying at their place focusing to the idea that come from the panelist on the stage.

Let’s pray the programme like this will get the active participation from IIUM Kuantan community and especially, from us, the Rxs.

P/s: I hope our Tuan PresiDIN can be at the stage like them someday, ameen.