WEEKLY TAZKIRAH by Dr Bisha Fathamah Uzair | ICARE IPhA

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29/4/2015 WEDNESDAY
Speaker: Dr Bisha Fathamah Uzair
Topic: Knowledge and responsibility

Dr Bisha

1. The reason of us being created by Allah is none other than to worship Allah and to be khalifah(vicegerent).

2. Everyone of us is a leader either to others or leader of ourself and everyone of us are held accountable of it. as said by our Prophet Muhammad s.a.w.which has the meaning :

“Each of you are leaders, and will be requested on the accountability for their leadership. Imam or Caliph is a leader and will be definitely requested on the accountability for his leadership to the people, a man is a leader in the family and will be will be requested on his leadership accountability, a woman is also the leader of her husband’s household and will be requested on her leadership accountability, the servant is also a leader to the assets of his master and will be will be requested on his/her leadership accountability.”

3. We are also responsible to enjoin the good and forbid the evil (al-amr bil ma’ruf wa al-nahy ‘an al-munkar), as been stated in the Quran, in surah Ali ‘Imran, verse 110 :

“You are the best nation produced [as an example] for mankind. You enjoin what is right and forbid what is wrong and believe in Allah…”

4. Allah raises the rank of those who are knowledgeable, but with knowledge comes great responsibility smile emoticon

We, as future pharmacists have to be responsible with the vast of knowledge that we learnt as every single thing will be accountable in the Day of Judgement. and all of us can enter the paradise as “nafs al-mutmainnah” (jiwa yang tenang) ^.^v


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