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6th NPSC 2013 UKM

Posted: May 17, 2013 by I-Press in Event

‘Welcome. Welcome. Happy 6th NPSC. And may the odds be ever in your favor..’


 That line came to my mind when I, together with the other 89 IIUM representatives arrived at UKM Bangi on 19th May. UKM environment is classic. I just love that. We went there for 2 days, fighting hard while bearing this year’s tagline “Burning Passion, Pursuing Championship” in our hearts.


IIUM player team

My fellow friends tried extremely hard to win all the games, competing with the other 9 universities. I was totally amazed by their zest. Some played under blazing sun-ray for the whole daylight while me and other supporters (Nasrin 2nd year especially) tried our best to cheer them up (Sore throat!).


Netball team


Basketball team


Volleyball team


Volleyball team


Futsal team

Nighttime was the time for the track games.  It turned out that one of our supporters had to replace an athlete for 4x400m track game >0<. UM sent one Chinese female athlete, who was as fast as cheetah, for the track games. She scored 4 GOLD! My goodness. Steroid? Impossible.   We brought the champion trophy with strong conviction that we were going to bring it back to IIUM. Well, it was no longer a mere dream. We won again this year, but it was not an easy fight though.  Alhamdulillah. This is the overall standing of our 6th NPSC UKM 2013:


Rank University Gold Silver Bronze Total
1 IIUM 9 4 4 17
2 UM 5 3 4 12
3 CUCMS 4 6 1 11
4 AIMST 3 1 2 6
5 UITM 2 0 5 7
6 USM 1 4 3 8
7 Taylors 1 0 1 2
8 UKM 0 4 5 9
9 MSU 0 1 0 1
10 Monash 0 1 0 1




That is all, a story from me. 7th NPSC will be held at IIUM (It will be awesome!). Are we going to maintain the championship? May the odds be ever in our favour..

written by: Faris Osman

pictures credited to: Luqie, Aizat Khodus, Fazira Rashid



Posted: May 7, 2013 by I-Press in Event




On 16th March, IIUM Kuantan Facilitator Team had held a very beneficial program called Seminar on Professionals in Mathematics and Applied Sciences (SOPIMAS). It is a career fair specially held to expose the secondary students to various science courses available at the tertiary level. In this programme, every Kulliyah had sent its representatives to open up a booth and introduce the course to the participants. Alhamdulillah, KOP also didn’t miss this great opportunity to promote our interesting course to the students.

In this programme, demonstration on how to make calamine cream and how to use tablet and capsule counter were showed. In addition, the participants were able to get clear information about our course by asking the pharmacy students themselves rather than getting information from untrustworthy sources. Tons of positive feedbacks were received from participants, indicating their interest in joining pharmacy course. In brief, this is a good opportunity for both students of IIUM and the participants to get benefit from.