Visit to Doping Centre @ USM Penang

Posted: October 26, 2010 by I-Press in Uncategorized

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Visit to Doping Centre (under subject Pharmacy Practice IV)

Attended by all y4 pharmacy students, accompanied by Mdm. Rohani (c.c.)

Date : 8.10.2010

  1. hajarzainal says:

    Doping tu benda apa?

  2. amin says:

    doping tu relate dgn sport. doping centre lebih kpd drug misuse in sport.

  3. rizan says:

    salam and selamat pagi,

    just want your help to confirm when the faint line appeared for urine drugs it taken as negative (-ve) or positive (+ve) result?from any lab doing this procedure, faint line will be negative (-ve) result and if only there’s NO line appear on the (T) side of the drugs test strip will be positive (+ve). hope can reply me as soon as you can.. thank’s

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