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Piece of Art

Posted: October 31, 2009 by I-Press in This and That


Dry in the pot, Green on the ground

Whether they leave the bonsai to give a touch of artistic feature or not, we have no idea completely. So, whenever you can’t empty your glass at R&R Cafe, why don’t you pour them here. Who knows it might help a bit



salam semua.. pada hari ini gue telah menjalani mock-OSCE (mock, tp ade markah ye) utk pertama kali nya.. sungguh payah sampai nak menangis dan dicover dgn gelakkan..haha..saye cadangkan patot ade mock-mock-OSCE supaye kami pelajar tak culture shock sgt.. seronok gak td..atleast dapat la blajar latin abb. yg baru wakaka..moral nye study la ubat2 lazim utk penyakit2 lazim dan ketahuilah latin abb. demi mase dpn yg cemerlang.

disebab kan gue antara yg 1st di-OSCE-kan, gue telah dikuarantin kan. tp hari ini, kami telah diberi makan sarapan dan lunch oleh KOP..terimakasih =).  oh..dan bertuah nasib perot gue, gue pose lak dikala KOP menunjukkan kemurahan hati..hehe

oh, pesanan umum, aku harap lebih ramai dari sume batch dpt contribute ttg cerita-ceriti masing2, biar ade variety sket iPRESS ni..tanak la nmpk mcm kitorg (3rd year) je yg conquer.maklom la exco pub info 3rd year (aku bukan exco itu, aku si kucing). so aku sbg salah satu admin mtk lg rmi contribute utk iPRESS ni.

iPRESS ni mcm portal berita la kire, dgn slight-naughty-gossips-humor diselitkan juge, and ianya dr students utk students. contents akan di monitor supaya tak keterlaluan. tp ape2 opinion dan isu2 ttg ipha or KOP in general, and in open-mindedness. just jaga adab n language.

“ketuk-ketuk-kekunci”  -TheSleezyCaT-

Let’s end this sem

Posted: October 26, 2009 by I-Press in Announcement

We know it’s bothersome to type in matric numbers and passwords just to view your exam schedule. So, I-Press allows you to view your important days ahead here by just one click.

Thanx to our photographer. We at I-Press wish you all good luck in every paper. May our prayers walk you into exam hall.

Artiste among Pharmacist!

Posted: October 21, 2009 by I-Press in This and That

salam to all, i would like to note here, that our 4th year brother, Muziman Mahmood, has won the I-Quest Drawing Competition! 1st place lagi kau..hehe

anyway, congrats to him and hope we will be seeing more and more artist among pharmacy students =)

“ketuk-ketuk-kekunci” TheSleezyCaT

Shared stage with UNIC

Posted: October 20, 2009 by I-Press in This and That

We have one who take vocalist position and another one play the instrument. Spotted on the last day of I-Quest during Malam Cahaya Insani, Firdaus from 1st year student and Shamsul Akmar, 3rd year student showed their talent. Because most of Nawfal members are from Sciencess, we never want to lose. Having both of them to represent our society is such a pride.


Awe Caught Flu

Posted: October 20, 2009 by I-Press in Event

Recent PCE (Patient Counselling Event) competition had featured a patient role played by Awe 2nd year who stepped in complaining about his flu. “My grandmother, my brother, sister, father, friend..all use this medication named Clarinase. They said it’s very effective you know..”.

Seriously Awe did a good job for making participants’ lives miserable. Most of them had a real tough time in convincing the patient regarding the lower-price Loratadine as compared to Clarinase while both offer the same efficacy. Worse, participants tend to drag time responding to Awe’s curiosity in knowing the difference between generic and patented drugs.

That’s why we send you in as patient-no-pharmacist-want-to-encounter role Awe. Thanks. 🙂

Azurin, our final year senior had won the best counselling skill while GG, also in final year satisfied with 1st runner up while Apip, despite his entertaining performance stood at third place. “..and you were like, people bargaining at Petaling Street,” commented Dr Zainol as one of the judges besides his outsider pharmacist friend and Mdm Siti Hadijah.

Congratulation to all winners and participants.

Ada Org Panjat KOP!

Posted: October 18, 2009 by I-Press in This and That

Kejadian berlaku petang tadi! =P